16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Anomaly scan ta te ki jana jai exactly ????

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Answer: Hello dear... anamoly scan is also known as mid pregnancy scan,it is usually carried out in second trimester, it takes place between 18 to 21 weeks,but usually it is performed in 20 weeks,in this scan they will close look you and your baby,the sonographer will check whether baby is growing normally and lying of your placenta
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    Arpita Gayen898 days ago

    Thank you so much

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Question: Tvs test ta ki? Amar athalo kalche lal srab vangche tai dr. Baby valo ache kina janar janna ai test ta likhechen.ai test ta korle ki jana jai?
Answer: Hi! TVS holo Transvaginal Scan, apnar discharge kyano hochhe janar jonnoi Dr. apnake ei test ta korte diyechhen, ei test ta korle babyr heath, bleeding howar karon, placenta position aaro onek kichhui bojha jaay ja normal ultrasound e bojha jaay na. Chinta korben na ei test ta ekdom safe aar baby kono bhabei affected hobe na. Bhalo thakun!
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Question: Pregnancy te ki angur khawa jai??
Answer: Namaskar, pregnancy teh angur khawa jabe kintu sabuj ta khaben. Kalo bah lal ta avoid korben karon ota pregnancy teh bhalo na. Sabuj angur majhari rokom khaben, khub besi na. Take care
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Question: anomaly scan ke liye empty stomach jana chahiye
Answer: No need to go empty stomach. But before it you will be adviced to pass urine and then need to go inside ultrascan room
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