23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Anomaly scan shows 21 week 4 days placenta anterior upper mid segment grade 2 ..cervical length 3.1.is it okay

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Answer: Hi dear position of placenta is ok since your uterus is still growing and it can shift Grade 2 is also fine but the cervical length of 3.1 is a little less it should be at least 3.5 the doctor advise you to rest and cheap watch on the cervix if it reduces more than this then you may have to get cervical stitches
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Question: Placenta is grade 2 anterior upper segment?
Answer: Hello dear, anterior upper segment means that the placenta is located in the front wall of the uterus and extends towards the upper wall of the uterus...grade 2 maturity means that the placenta is slowly calcifying preparing for the birth of your baby..
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Question: My placenta position is Anterior upper, mid segment, Grade :1 maturity, is it is normal
Answer: Hay hope your pregnancy is going very well don't worry about your Placenta position at its completely safe I too had a same Placenta position while I was pregnant and I have delivered my baby with normal delivery. Anterior Placenta means your Placenta is located on Front wall of uterus which is completely safe
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Question: Cervical length was 4.5 in anomaly but now 4.4 in growth scan with placenta upper grade 2 is it normal
Answer: It's 3-5 is normal. For me it's only 2.9 doctor asked me to take a surgery but I didn't. Now I'm 6 months pregnant and I am feeling good at my health. But you should not take risk but lifting weights and avoid walking it good and I am following the same.
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