28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Ankles and feet is swelling 7 th month is any problem?

2 Answers
Answer: No there is no problem... it happens becoz of our weight increases during pregnancy... take rest by placing ur legs above pillow.
Answer: Noo ma.walking helps to get rid of swelling
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Question: My feet and ankles are swallowing any problem
Answer: It is normal walk morning and evening atleast 20minutes carefully and slowly increase your water intake don't stand and sit more time..
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Question: Swelling in feet and ankles ... is it normal?
Answer: Yes it is normal during pregnancy.. and dnt put legs down while sitting ... if u feel pain take hot water massage to the leg
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Question: im 7 month pregnt and i have swelling in both ankles is there any problm
Answer: Hi Dear! No there is no problem to the baby directly, but troublesome fr you, it cud be due to excess weight u r carrying or water retention, incase u hv BP u need to talk to the Dr. Keep hydrated, elevate feet while sitting or sleeping, get up and walk for few mins after every hour, daily massage (light) of legs below knees by someone or buy a foot massager, while sitting constantly wiggle the toes. It's all about improving circulation! Hope this helps!
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