24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: And also regurgitation,chest tightness epigastric pain

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Answer: Please post your complete question. Epigastric pain, chest tightness are common during the second trimester because if the further relaxation of your abdominal muscles and a change in your hormones that cause further digestive issues such as a change in the overall acid ph of stomach leading to acidity and indigestion. Regurgitation is truely different from vomiting. Also, check if you stomach pain or like vomiting especially after consuming a dairy product as it may cause a temporary intolerance. Check if your vomit is discoloured such as brown or red. You should consult your gynae immediately if you feel or see blood in stools, blood in vomit, fever, difficulty in breathing as these signal a problem in the stomach lining and can help identify a regurgitation syndrome where the pain and vomit feel starts after eating food. Avoid spicy or savoury food, avoid junk and market foods, avoid oily or deep-fried foods. Eat more of ripe papaya and drink coconut water twice a day, eat watermelon and cantaloupe melons. These fruits help to calm down the digestive problems. Hope it helps! Take care.
Answer: Plz ask your complete query.
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Question: Epigastric pain. What to do
Answer: Hello dear, you must drink plenty of water..at least 8 to 10 glasses a day....drink jeera water after every meal to help reduce gas... include garlic and hing to your diet as they help in reducing gas and acidity... You can also eat curds and buttermilk which are rich in natural probiotics and it helps in soothing the stomach... Lemon water is a good home remedy to treat acidity and encourages digestion.. It helps to neutralize the effect of acids present in your stomach.. Drinking this water before meals will promote proper digestion... You can add cumin powder and rock salt to this water for better results..
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Question: I'm having chest tightness, headache and hear burn. Doc told not to take any over the counter medicines. Can anyone suggest about the chest tightness
Answer: I can understand your problem because I want to the same during my pregnancy even post delivery. Doing medication and deep breathing exercises can give you some relief. Eat small portion food after every 2 hours interval don't take large meals. That will help.
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Question: I have 4 month pregnency and i have chest tightness and back pain it is dangerous
Answer: No dear it's not dangerous it's common during pregnancy ur breast enlarges n back pain is due to baby's growth as it effects on ur back n whenever you feel unbearable pain take rest
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