Few days old baby

Question: Hii ..amr cheler 1ta big problem ache ..or ondokoser 1ta dim er moto upore uthe ache..ki kore nambe ?

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Answer: Please change the language in ur healofy app to the one you are comfortable with.
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Question: Amr cheler age 4yr 5mnth.or khub kashi hoeche.asole or thanda lagar dhaat ache.ekhn or buke khub cough hoeche.nisas niteo kosto hoe.cough othanor ki kono home remedy ache ki???
Answer: Hi! Halka gorom rosun tel massage korun buke pithe payer tolay 2-3 baar, steam bath din cough golate sahajyo kore, warm soup e butter o khub upokari congestion er jonno, eshob barite korleo jehetu congestion ekbar Dr. er kachhe niye jawao khub joruri, ekbar baby k dekhiye nin aar kono medicine dile home remedyr sathei follow korun. Ashakori baby taratari sustho hoye uthuk. Bhalo rakhun baby ke..
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Question: amr 4th month cholche. but amr khub khide pai r amr weight bere jachhe. ete ki kono problem ache?
Answer: hi dear ,during pregnancy feeling hungry and gaining weight is normal. for proper healthy development of a baby you need to gain 10 to 12 kgs during pregnancy. some other games weight faster than others. It's ok but always try to avoid sweet foods and carbohydrates. Junk food and processed food is big no no during pregnancy. Eat non oily and non spicy food. your diet should rich in protein. Egg, Fish, chicken regularly khao. Ar ektu exerciseme kortevl paro with due pemission of your doctor. walk for 30 minutes everyday. It will help.
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Question: period date asbe amr aj kal er modh e but amr srir khub tired and wea .r vomiting er moto feel korchi amr ki pregnancy chance ache?
Answer: Hi, symptoms gulo sune obosso e pregnancy mone hoche. Tobe bola muskil jotokhon na pregnancy test nichen. Better hove ki periods miss howar 5-7 days e pregnancy test korun. Eta teh bujhe jaben ki pregnant ache ki neyi.
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