33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: amount of fluid seen. A. F. I =10.0cm means?

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Answer: amniotic fluid hain. normal level is 8-18. aapka teek hai.
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Question: A. F. I amount 7-7.5 is it low?
Answer: Are you in 35th week of pregnancy? AFI- amniotic fluid index is gen 10-20 till about 35th week after which it starts reducing as a preparation for child birth. Please check with your doctor and don't panic!
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Question: what are the Basic signs of water break??do water break means flow of heavy amount of amniotic fluid?
Answer: Hello! When you are pregnant and your water breaks (membranes rupture), you may have a sudden gush of fluid running down your legs but often, you will just have a trickle or slow leak, or your underwear will feel wet. When you just have a leak, it may be hard to tell the source of the fluid. When your water breaks, you might feel a popping sensation, along with a slow trickle of fluid. However, there are no signs of water break. It can happen all of sudden or once your labor starts.
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Question: Little amount of perisac fluid is found in ultrasound is it a matter of tension?
Answer: Hello, Perisac fluid not have an effect on foetus.
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