27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Among the Indian varitieties of fishes, which are harmful during pregnancy? In Google they talk about mercury rich fishes but all the names are unfamiliar.

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Answer: Sea fish u can have
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Question: Hello please mention the names of Indian fish we can eat during pregnancy
Answer: Except hight led containing fish like tuna.. and also prawns, shell fish etc
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Question: Mam, right now iam in 8 weeks .can u tell me which all are the protein rich food for me
Answer: Is time ap garam taaseer wali chij bilkul mt khana...dnt drink tea or coffee...dnt eat anything which produces heat in body....eat healthy food like green leafy vegetables soyabeans chickpeas black eyed pea pulses rice...eat home made food only at least for first 3 months...drink milk 2 times...eat all fruits except papaya and pineapple
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Question: please give the full details of all the ultrasound and test during pregnancy. every doc says differently. now there are new technologies which tells u about abnormalities.
Answer: 11 to 13 weeks Nt scan..to check the chromosamal abnormality...20 to 22 wks anamoly scan to check the organ growth of the baby.. these two are imp scan which all have to do...Test...Dr will give antenatal test details in start of the pregnancy to check any issues...most important test are sugar, thyroid, blood profile and few others..bp will b checked wenever u visit the dr
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