38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Amniotic fluid level is 5.4. is it normal?

Answer: Hi. No dear its low. It should have been above 8cm. Please drink at least 2-3 ltr water on daily basis, Include fruits that contains water like kiwi, oranges, apple etc. Also drink pulses two times, have coconut water daily twice. But you definetly need medical help dear because raising afi level at last moment is bit difficult. Good luck.
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Question: Normal amniotic fluid level????
Answer: Hi The normal range for amniotic fluid volumes varies with gestational age. Typical values include: AFI between 8-18 cm is considered normal; median AFI level is ~14 cm from week 20 to week 35, after which the amniotic fluid volume begins to reduce 1. AFI <5 cm is considered as oligohydramnios.  2. value changes with age: the 5thpercentile for gestational ages is most often taken as the cutoff value, and this around an AFI of 7 cm for second and third trimester pregnancies; and AFI of 5 cm is two standard deviations from the meanAFI >20-24 cm is considered as polyhydramnios
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Question: Hai , my amniotic fluid level 16. Is it normal?
Answer: Yes absolutely,it should be around 14-18, it's absolutely fine,dun worry,hope it was helpful
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Question: Amniotic fluid level is 16. Is normal delivery possible?
Answer: Hi dear, Amniotic fluid index at the final trimester should be below 18. It should be anywhere between 10-18. Ideally 12 is the perfect level.but 16 is also in the normal range and yes normal delivery is possible,provided rest of the scan results are normal too.
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