12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Amniotic fluid is low during NT scan of 12 weeks. Growth and heart beat of baby is appreciated. Is there a chance of normal delivery?

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Answer: It is too early to say anything dear...so please wait until you're in your last trimester to know if normal delivery is possible or not..
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Question: My wife is conceived for 10 weeks but in scan it shows baby growth is equals to 6 weeks only and no sign of heart beat. Is there a chance for baby growth and heart beats??
Answer: Yes, sometimes heartbeats can take longer to develop. I had a friend who had the same experience and got the heartbeat in her second scan. She is due for delivery this month :). All the best!
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Question: Fetus heart beat rate is 102 in NT scan. Is there any problem in baby growth????
Answer: Normal fetal heartbeat is 110-140 in anomaly scan Do not woory. It should not go down I will recommend mentoring.
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Question: My baby's growth and heart beat stopped at 8weeks ..... Is there any chance of hope ?
Answer: Hi dear I am really sorry to hear that now if your baby's growth and Heartbeat has stopped all of a sudden at 8 weeks unfortunately there is no way that it can revive but if your doctors are trying and your doctors are asking you to wait for some more time and take another ultrasound to check please wait .. Hope this helps!
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