35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Ami 8 month pregnant ai time a vuter movi dekhle baby kono khoti hbe na to

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Answer: Hello would be mom, during pregnancy over excitement or stress is not good for you as well as your baby. Because it increase release of two stress hormones. You are in your third trimester and almost near to your delivery. So,If you are comfortable in watching horror movie it's ok to watch once but try not get hyper excited. Bhuter or any kind of video jeta dekhle Tumi excited hote paro seta avoid korbe during pregnancy. Hope I meet your queries. Wish you happy pregnancy.
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Question: Ami kono ki6u khete par6i na.ar jonno ki bachchar kono khoti hobe.khete i66ei kore na.
Answer: Hi, apnar khawa dawa upor e bacha r sompurno growth depend Kore. Na thik kore khele bhalo bhabe baby baby badbe na. Apnar ja inches korche Khan. Jodi tok tok bhalo lagche tahole mach ektu tok jatio jinis diye baniye khan, bhaat na khete chayile roti khan. Kintu khawa dawa thik korun.
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Question: Ami ki ai time a anarosh khate parbo
Answer: Hello dear, I dont know this language we have support in this application where you can ask queries in your language in regional chat group where moms will definetly help. If you can ask in english i will surely help right away. sorry about that.
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Question: Hi pregnancy time ki keu vuter cinema dekhle ki kono problem hoi
Answer: Hello dear It is totally safe to go to movie in pregnancy. The baby might feel vibrations from the loud sounds and become excited. Don't worry and enjoy ur movie. Just carry a water bottle and necessary food items to eat and also all medicines.
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