38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 36 weeks pregnant & the baby movement is very less & rare

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Answer: Dont worry. sometimes uh cant understand ur baby movements. talk to ur doctr. Take 2 betnesol injection within 24 hours after one taking. hope uh can understand. take care.
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Question: I am 36 weeks pregnant and feel very less movements, please suggest me if it's common Or should I worry about it. I am little tensed.
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy When baby grow uterus also grow nd baby gets enough space to move .dear after 32 weeks mumma should feel 10 movements per day .dear count ur babies movement if ur babies movement r 10.nothing to worry abht if movements r less than 10 consult to ur gyno .
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Question: I am 23 weeks pregnant......Earlier I used to feel baby movement but from last 1 week I feel it very rare...is it fine?
Answer: Lie down in left lateral position. Consume enough water. If you still don't feel movements, please see a doctor. She may either get a NST done or maybe a usg scan to see what's going inside.
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Question: Some day the baby movement is very frequent and some day very less..is it normal??
Answer: Yes dear it is very common to feel frequent baby movement sometimes and sometimes very less movement. It depends on baby's position how much movement you will feel..
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