23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: am 22 weeks pregnant now 21st week lo cervix stitch vesaru in bed rest now when can I travel ?

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Answer: Hii dear Naku kuda cervix stitch vesaru long journeys cheytm manchidhi kadhu one to two hours is ok that to in a car with less movement
Answer: Thanks for reply , but enni weeks travel cheyodhu? I need to travel ...Pls suggest
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Question: I have got cervix stitch. I am 32 weeks pregnant now..So during which week can my cesarean happen?
Answer: Hello dear, ideally doctors will wait till 37 weeks of pregnancy to do a cesarean because only then would your baby be a full term baby.. a baby is full term when all the organs are Fully developed.. so it is safe to have a C section in case of emergency then...as a full term baby is less susceptible to infections and complications...
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Question: Am having incompetent cervix problem and stitches also placed in 21st week..am in complete bed rest I want to know the sleeping position
Answer: Hi, dear the best position to sleep during pregnancy is on your left side in between you can sleep o your right side but sleep major time on left only. It's because sleeping on left will help a good blood flow to baby and weight of baby is off your vital organs.  Sleeping on back can cause severe problems to your back bone and nerves because of excessive pressure and weight on baby. So do not sleep on your back...
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Question: My cervix length reduced to 2.6 at 31 week 3 days. Doc asked to be in bed rest for nect two weeks. I am following bed rest. Can i cross 2 weeks with this cervix length?
Answer: Hello dear. If you take complete rest yes you can. A cousin of mine had it 2.7 at 32 weeks and she delivered at 35 weeks and took complete bed rest. Her baby is a healthy baby. Hope it helps.
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Question: hi can I have dry fruit juice daily ...I'm 26 month pregnant now d I'm taking complete bed rest because I gone through cervix. stitch opration
Answer: Hello Yes u can eat dry fruits they are very good with nutrients like vitamin e vitamin c omega 3 fatty acids and anti oxidants essential for ur baby s development U have dry fruits powdered and drink it as a milkshake. Try avoiding too many almonds as they are known to give preterm labour risks. They also help in your bowel movement wch will ease ur constipation problems. Make sure u eat raw nuts as sugar or salt coated Or fried May increase ur weight and colretrol intake.
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