21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 20 weeks pregnant. My doc has prescribed me iron and folic acid tablets. Whenever I take that I get vomiting. What is the remedy for that.? Can I compensate taking tablet by any kind of food?

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Answer: Hello! Iron and folic capsules needs to be taken as the amount of iron needed is not completely fulfilled by Food. Talk to the doctor and try to change the brand, it sometimes helps. Take care
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    Anonymous Mom28 days ago

    Thank you.. I will ask doc

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Question: I had taken folic acid tablets in first trimester. Now doctor has prescribed me to take iron n vitamin tablets... should i continue to take folic acid tablet
Answer: Hi! Yes dear folic acid is very important in pregnancy. Folic acid helps in neural birth defects in baby and lower the chance of miscarriage by preventing anemia and also helps the body to create and maintain new cells specially RBC. Hope this helps!
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Question: Taking folic acid 5mg tab daily.My doc has advise to take daily iron and calcium tab as i am now 14 weeks pregnant.My query is that the iron tab contains 1.5mg folic acid,so should i take folic acid separately
Answer: No need of separate folic acid intakes. As the iron table contains folic acid itself. You may concern with your doctor.
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Question: Can i take iron folic acid rich foods instead of taking iron folic acid tablets??
Answer: Yes good,but why don't you take the tablet.it is better to take tablet along with the foods then only proper amount will reach in your body dear...
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