33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 33 weeks pregnant I had motions and vamthings I consult my doctor she told if it continues it will be big problem so now motion s and vomthings had stopped plz tell me

Answer: Hi,if your motions and vomiting have stopped it us a good sign,you should still be careful with your diet so that it doesn't repeat. You should have the daily in your diet Have cocunut water More of f juices and water and soups Have yogurt as it us a natrual probiotic You can also have ginger and honey paste one teaspoon. All this will help you
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Question: hi. ....iam 4th month pregnant...... i hav vomthings problem..... doctor till now not given me a iron and calcium tablets ...i asked but she told if u use that tablets the vomthings will be more... is it really?? pls anyone tell me
Answer: Hello dear yes your doctor is true. Many women complaint that they feel vomiting after taking iron tablets. You can eat natural things for iron like annar, beet root, dry fruits, spinach and all.
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Question: Doctor said i have poly hydra right now and baby is also big ....so My baby if delivered now ..will it be healthy ?
Answer: Dear the baby is fully developed by the time you are 36 weeks. However there are deliveries happening before 36 weeks as well and babies are healthy. So I would say consult your gynae and do as she sayd. Doctor know it better and can tell you when it is the right time. Trust your doctor and go ahead. Hope it helps.
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Question: Doctor told your amniotic fluid level Will be low in upcoming weeks now it is 12 will it reduce
Answer: S Day by day afi will gets reduce U can maintain this level by intaking 5-6 lit of water per day eat cucumber, muskmelon, watermelon, coconut water and fluid content foods and fruits like bottle gourd daily
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