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Question: Am 7 weeks pregnant.. but i don't have any symptoms like vomiting .. is this normal

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Answer: U need to be happy for that thank god u Lucky Gul and enjoy the pregnancy because I suffered a lot during my pregnancy because of vomiting
Answer: Hello... Dear each pregnancy is different, some may experience vomiting, some may not, both are normal, so don't get worried
Answer: Yes its absolutely normal dear
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Question: I'm 7weeks pregnant but I don't have any symptoms like vomiting etc is it normal ?
Answer: Hi dear, It is perfectly cousin sister too had smooth pregnancy.she never had any nausea or vomitings.she was looking so non pregnant with no cravings too.only when her bump started to show,people got to know she's depends on each one.every pregnancy is different.if your blood work and last scan was normal,then donot worry at all about the symptoms.
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Question: Hi am 7 weeks pregnant I don't have any symptoms like vomiting sensation ,morning sickness that normal guys?
Answer: Hi dear, Its quite normal as i am a 10week pregnant mother still have no symptoms like morning sickness or vomiting. It would either starts in sec trimester. Have enough healthy food including green leafy veggies, fruits, nuts, eggs etc and drink plenty of water now.
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Question: I am 7 weeks pregnant i don't experiancing any symptoms like sickness vomiting etc.. Is it normal
Answer: Yes,it is normal. It may not be necessary that everyone will have the problem of morning sickness or nausea in pregnancy. It depends on person to person.
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