20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 19 weeks pregnant and i drink lot of plain soda water. Is it ok.

Answer: Such fuzzy drinks should be avoided. Can cause acidity also. Better go for healthy diet.
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Question: Is it safe to drink soda (plain soda )
Answer: It's better to avoid carbonated drinks during pregnancy
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Question: Is it okey to drink plain soda??
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy plain soda also has carbon dioxide and preservatives in it it is not advisable to drink if you are feeling like having it will have once or maximum twice do not drink it more please replace it with fresh fruit juices coconut water buttermilk so that baby growth will be good and your health will be good take care
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Question: Hii..i am 9 weeks preg can i drink zeera masala soda and coconut water ?
Answer: Coconut water is really good to be taken but zeera masala soda should be avoid. If you crave badly have s cup of glass but sometimes only
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