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Question: Am 14 weeks pregnant and at which time i have to use iron and calcium tablets doctir prescribed but i lost that prescription and i dont know when to use either day or not

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Answer: Hello , Iron and calcium tablets should not taken together there is no side effect as such but you can keep a gap of 2 to 4 hours . You can have iron tablets along with some citrus fruit juice or just fruit like orange or orange juice and lime juice because iron gets absorbed well if you have with citrus fruits also calcium tablets can be had at night as it gets absorbed well and we need rest as well also after having calcium tablet you can have a glass of milk . Also if you are having iron tablets you tend to have constipation and your stool also may turn dark so nothing to worry about it it's normal also have more fruits, fiber rich foods and plenty of water to avoid constipation. Also please call up doctor if you have any doubt.
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Question: Can we have calcium and iron tablets at same time.
Answer: Hello dear.. it is better to take then separately because for proper absorption of both in body. Take calcium in morning and iron at night. Do drink lots of water so that body uses their nutrients properly. Hope i was helpful
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Question: Hello Mam, I need a clarification. Which is the best way to consume iron & calcium tablets? Either calcium in the morning and iron at night or vice versa.
Answer: Take as your doctor told you to take. It doesn't make different if you take in the morning or night. Both time will give you benifits.
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Question: When to have calcium n iron tablets...Day or night?
Answer: Calcium day.. Iron night.. But.. Once consult ur doctor..
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