38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 37 weeks now and I have placenta calcification..is normal delivery possible?

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Answer: Hi dear, Placental maturity is graded under 0-3.usually grade 3 maturity is reached final weeks of pregnancy.once the maturity or calcification has reached 3 level, nutrition and oxygen hardly circulates to baby.if the maturity reaches early then there is risk for baby getting less oxygen and nutrients due to excess calcification on placental walls.talk to your doctor about your level of risk.if the risk is more,pre term delivery is recommended.
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Answer: As baby grows ur uterus will start to enlarge...so tat placenta may go up. Take s complete bed rest. Tc
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Question: I am now 37 weeks but when scan my placenta is 2.9 . (30week placenta is 2.0 cm ) It is possible to normal delivery.
Answer: Hi,if your olacenta is 2.9 then there s possibility of normal delivery.if the placenta goes below 2.3 it is difficult to have normal delivery. All the best
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