39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: haiii... am 38 weeks my baby weight is 3.8kg is it okay for normal delivery... is there any problem...

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Answer: Hello ! This will be little difficult in normal delivery . As,the weight is on the higher side . Still don't worry you can always try for normal ,if there is some problem ,doctor can always go for a csection ....take care .
Answer: Hello Yes he s perfect. Normal deliver can be done till 4 kgs. Try not to eat fatty or sugary stuff til ur labour begins. It might stop from further weight gain. Talk to ur doctor abt the options available for ur delivery.
Answer: Hi, A normal baby weight should be 3.1 kg. Your baby is bigger than that. I don't think so you can get normal delivery.
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Question: I am 38 weeks pregnant and my baby weight is 2.8 kg doc told it is less weight , is there any problem for my baby
Answer: Not at all. I gave birth in 39 weeks and my baby was 2.4kg and she was completely fine. Dont worry about weight. Anything above 2.3 is normal
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Question: Even am 36 weeks pregnant, scan shows 38 weeks with baby weight 3100+ and AFI 19.8, is there any problem,and symptoms for delivery?,
Answer: hi don't worry dear one or two week more or less growth doesn't matters much. Shubh baby weight according to 38 week is perfect approx weight of baby at 38 weeks should be 3.1 kg.. but your FIR is bit high you doctor must have asked you to go for some test like diabetes test for blood pressure test if they are normal then don't worry it's not a problem.
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Question: I am 38/weeks pregnant and baby weight is 2295gm....is there any issue if baby weight is less.what is the normal weitgt of baby at 38 weeks
Answer: hi dear approx weight of baby at 38 weeks should be 3.1 kg , so your baby weight is too less , for normal delivery doctor considered baby should be above 2.8 kg of weight .
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Question: I'm 38 weeks pregnant and my baby weight is 2700gm it is fine for baby n me for normal delivery
Answer: Hi! At 38 weeks of pregnancy fetal weight can be around 3.1 kg. I have seen my friends deliver 3.5 kg babies through normal delivery. Don’t worry it should be fine.
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