6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 5.5 weeks i have only 2 symptoms breastpain and anxiety its noramal.. am little nervous bcz this is my 1st baby..

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Answer: hi this is due to Terminal changes do not worry try to keep yourself calm you should listen to the motivational music you should also take walks in the garden which will help you to remain calm
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Question: Pragnency symptoms is common to all or only few peopls bcz i have no any symptoms bt still am pragnent
Answer: Dear all pregnancies are different and all moms get different symptoms and some dont get at all. I didnt get any symptoms till 3rd month of my pregnancy..
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Question: My 1st baby is 2 yrs 10months ..this is my second pregnancy..its my 33week ....My 1st baby is by Cesar can i have normal delivery this time???
Answer: Hi dear, Mostly previous c section delivery,would make the normal delivery next time difficult.the successive delivery post c sections are mostly c section only.VBAC is what it is called.vaginal birth after C section.if everything looks good with your reports,doctors will monitor you more closely during your labour if you've had a caesarean before. This is because of a risk of the scar from your last caesarean tearing during contractions,utrene rupture,which is very very rear but possible.
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Question: Hi I am 8 weeks pregnant I am feeling any symptoms of pregnancy only sometimes I feel tired and little giddiness will be there is this normal .
Answer: Hi! Every pregnancy is different and so are the symptoms, its not necessary to face the same challenges during pregnancy, count your blessing that you are not feeling nauseated or vomiting. Its good there is nothing to be worried about. Enjoy your days and good luck!
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