10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: am 9 week pregnent women. ... shall i take mothers horlicks in after dinner.... ist safe or not tell me..... am 1st time pregnant. .... thats way only i dont know what to do...

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Answer: Its better to avoid mothers horlicks it contain high suger (may get gestational diabetes)instead of dat u can take some protein powder containing less suger in milk . it vl help u and ur baby development
Answer: If u ask with ur dr she vl give u pregnancy spl horlicks which is best for u n ur baby
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Question: hello... am 6 mnth pregnent. ... shall i have a sexual inter course with my husband. .... ist it safe or not.... pls am 1st pregnent thats way i dont know what to do. .... pls pls guide me.....
Answer: Hi dear, It's absolutely safe as long as you don't have any complications in your pregnancy like short cervix, low lying placenta or any other bleeding issue. In that case you need to consult your doctor before having sex. During pregnancy the blood flow increases in vaginal and cause it swelling. During sex when your guy enters you due to the friction between the thin wall of your vagina and your guy's organ it's likely to experience pain or burning sensation Also the ph balance of vagina changes during pregnancy it could also contribute to the discomfort during sex. Best is to use lubes to reduce the friction while sex also don't forget to wash up proper post it. Take care.
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Question: am 9 week pregnent women. ... shall i drink mothers horlicks... ist good or bad for my health. ... please guide me.....
Answer: Mom's protinex is better than mother horliks. I too shifted from mother horliks to protinex. Grudually I gain weight
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Question: Hai.... am 10 week pregnent women. .... now 3rd mnth running..... 4th shall i go any train travelling.... ist good or bad.... 1st pregnent so thats way i dont know what to do. ....pls guide me.....
Answer: Journey by Train or flight is ok, but avoid travelling by bus or long journey by road
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