12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii ..am 10 week pregnant..now i am working in pvt sec..i continue this job..it is possible?

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Answer: Yes u can continue.... Take proper nutrition move here and there for some time then again sit on your working desk.... Do this thing at regular intervals and avoid tea and coffee so much....
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Question: Hi, I am working. Is it fine to continue the job
Answer: Hi.. Dear expecting a child, is not a disease or any kind of illness. It is a natural honour rendered by God to the chosen females. Therefore, avoid lifting heavy buckets and doing any stressful job. Do work that you like if you wish to continue your job you can, I want to my office until seven months of my pregnancy. I left when my doctor adviced to.you can speak to your gynaecologist once and continue your work.Be happy you are one fortunate one, who is about to bring life in this world.
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Question: I mm 5 week pregnant. My tension is this I am working and using scooty. So can I continue my job...
Answer: No...it's not safe..take rest atleast 3 month and don't travel anymore..because fetal's important organs are form in this period only..take care
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Question: Hii.. I am 9.5 week pregnant.. I am a working women, sitting job for 8 hrs..sometimes i am having sharp pain in lower abdominal.. Is this normal..
Answer: Same here. I need to sit for 8.5 hours and almost every day i give lecture for 4 hours. I also feel the same sometimes. I am also worried..
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