27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hiiii am 26 week pregnant n my haemoglobin is 8.4 is it ok or there is anything to worry?

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Answer: Most if the pregnant women experience low hb level during pregnancy . But you still have time to increase your haemoglobin at the comfort of your home just by making little changes in your diet. Aap daily 1 beetroot khao jis bhi form ne accha lage. Salad, paratha or soup etc. Aap apni diet me spinach, paneer and anar bhi include karo. Daily morning ne kaccha paneer kali Mirchi and halka salt laga kar khao. In sab k sath doc ne jo apko iron supplements diye hai wo daily raat me khao without fail. In few weeks your hb level will shoot up.
Answer: Minimum it should be 11
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Answer: Its too much its 3kg 800gm in just 18 week which is 34 week weight... Consult your doctor...
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Question: my haemoglobin is 11..is der anything to worry??
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy your hemoglobin level is good you need not worry about it please take good amount of fruits such as pomegranate as it helps a lot to improve hemoglobin dates beetroot leafy vegetables all help a lot to improve hemoglobin good luck
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Question: Hello. ....I'm 35 weeks pregnant, yesterday I visited to my doctor. ...my haemoglobin is less 9.....how can I increase it ....is there anything to worry?
Answer:  Hello gud afternoon... Eat iron rich food like green leafy,beetroot, chicken liver,whole egg. You have eat more fruits like pomegranate, oranges, Apples, papayas, banana,strawberries,dark chocolate,nettle,pumpkin seeds,almonds,apricot, carrot
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