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Question: Am 11 week pregnant...my urine is pale pinkish colour from yesterday and today morning also..this is the first time am experiencing this..is it normal???

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Answer: Hi Dear! Pale pinkish urine can be due to consumption of beetroot as well please check if you have had beetroot in your last meal or yesterday otherwise it can be an indication of infection for which you need to see your doctor your doctor may prescribe you oral meds or vaginal suppositories to treat the problem.. please ensure to drink a lot of water have probiotic it is good for your stomach health and have fresh fruit juices buttermilk all lassi in fact you can have Cranberry juice which is very good for urine infection if at all.. Hope this helps!
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    Zana Mansoor115 days ago

    Ohhhhh yessss..you are right dea.... yesterday i had beetroot...thnq soo muchh...😘😘😘

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Question: From yesterday am facing sporting in pale yellow colour..after vomiting it started. Is it ok? Why am getting this ?
Answer: It's not usual colour of discharges please visit doctor for check up
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Question: Hello Doctor.. I am feeling itchy vagina.. Colour of discharge is white. Colour(pale yellow) and amount of urine passing is also normal. Then why this is happening?
Answer: Hi dear, white discharge or clear watery discharge is a normal during pregnancy. Because of continuous discharge and witness you may feel itchiness. So possibly it is not an infection. But if you feel any burning sensation in your vagina for your region is increased a lot with foul smell discharge then immediately consult your doctor. Presently you eat healthy and nutritious diet specially yoghurt regularly as it is a probiotic food and help to fight infection, drink plenty amount of water take proper rest and maintain your personal hygiene. If the flow is too heavy then it could be leakage of amniotic fluid. In that case you need medical attention. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hello, From morning my baby poop pale yellow colour & now he is pooping cream colour is it normal..??
Answer: If the baby is a breast feeding baby then yellow color is normal. Babies poop colour depends on what he or she is eating. If they are breast feeding then it depends on what the mother is eating. If only one time the baby is pooping cream colored then do not panic observe next time and if every time he is pooping same then consult doctor
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Question: My baby is 4 & half mth her urine smells and pale yellow colour.. is it normal
Answer: Ru giving formula milk as well??
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