10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 8 week pregnant...in abdominal scan baby is not seen wt may b the reason

Answer: Dear nothing cn be said. Even you gynae would be telling you to wait for another 2 weeks and repeat the scan.sometimes in cases of late conception the fetal becomes visible in later scans. So please stay relax and positive and repeat the scan after 2 weeks if ur gynae has said the same and everyhing will be fine. Hope it helps.
Answer: Dear Do not worry. Firstly tell.me is placenta seen, yolk sac, fetal pole or just a sac something seen..... What is your betahcg level? Please share your complete report with me. Take care.
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    Jyoti Kattimani113 days ago

    Just a sac

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Answer: Hi dear They will repeat your ultrasound it will be seen in your next scan fetal age could be 5 weeks now generally 6 1/2 to 7 is when the heart beat is seen.dont worry
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Question: i am seven week pregnant but my scan shows embryo of 5week 5days n heart beat was not seen m worried what could b the reason
Answer: Dear it's totally depends on the day of your ovulation So don't worry much.. you will surely listen your tiny little Joy's heartbeat.
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