14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 12th week pregnant can I have Japanese tomato fruit is it safe for me

Answer: Hi dear, Japanese tomatoes are very much safe in pregnancy.so please have them in your diet as they are quite nutritious too.
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Question: I am 12th week pregnant and i have honey daily. Is it safe ?
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can have in moderation. Honey is a storehouse of nutrients. Take care.
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Question: I am 12th week pregnant but my weight is reducing is it safe for baby
Answer: Hello... Dear usually in first trimester due to morning sickness, harmonal changes, you may experience weight loss, it is normal, so don't get worried, you can gain all your weight in second trimester
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Question: Hlo I am 19 week pregnant can I have turmeric milk is it safe for baby
Answer: Hello, Dear Turmeric is safe during pregnancy but in small amount only. Drinking milk with just a pinch of turmeric is quite healthy choice but much use of turmeric is not safe and can cause some complications. So best way is to consume turmeric milk on alternate days with just a small pinch of turmeric in it... You must check daily videos and tips on the app they are quite knowledgeable and good. Your baby's daily growth chart and important milestone will be there and can guide you through.Also there is live doctor session so you can ask questions related your health there.. mom's chat group is also there so you can connect to many mom's and have a chit chat there and share your experiences or learn there. So do check daily. Its quite helpful..
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