19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 18 week pregnant but still i continue to vomit is that ok

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Answer: Yes it's ok Ajwain water is best for vomiting
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Question: I am 18 weeks pregnant but still no relief from vomiting and nausea....is it ok to continue vomiting medicine or not...will it affect my baby??
Answer: Hello dear, before you continue to take the vomiting medicine please check with your doctor... because maybe the brand that you are using isn't helping you...and before taking any medication beyond a certain period of time you must ask your doctor if its ok to continue to take it.. you could also drink white pumpkin juice to help reduce morning sickness... Sipping on cold lemon juice or water can also help ease nauseous feeling.. eating figs also helps in reducing morning sickness...
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Question: i m 6 week pregnant but still not feeling anything... is that ok
Answer: Hi dear, Each and every pregnancy is different.there is no rule for feeling symptoms.some mothers donot even get any nausea whole pregnancy while some get nausea till they deliver.and one mother can have different symptoms at every pregnancy.nothing to worry about.if your blood reports and scans appear fine nothing to stress about.and remember symptoms donot gaurentee healthy baby too.it depends on each body.
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Question: Am i 7 week pregnant... Ultrasound report is OK.... But bleeding continue 6 days..
Answer: Hello dear. If the baby is growing well then there is nothing to be worried. Your gynae should be aware of the bleeding and baby should be fine and healthy. Your gynae must have prescribed any medicine continue taking those. Hope it helps.
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