16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 15 week pregnant and i was bleeding and admited in hospital now it stopped but som small blood clots are going sometimes is there anything to worry

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Answer: Although the blood clots are small now,it should be something you need to report immediately to your doctor. Are u on progesterome supplements? If not,probably your doctor should start them soon. Go for a scan if required too.
Answer: Yes. Please consult your doctor
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Question: Hello everyone I'm 7weeks pregnant and dctr told by checking in the scan that there are blood clots around gestational sac so bleeding may happen is this common, did anyone experienced it, please reply I was very tensed, in scan it was told embryonic sac was good.. But blood clots are there some blood clots
Answer: Yes....even I faced this....if your baby growth is normal without the disturbance of blood clot then there is nothing to worry. My doctor said you would be getting relieved of the blood clots through slight spotting or bleeding. So chill and enjoy this phase.
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Question: I am 9 weeks 5 days pregnant. I hav some white thick discharge going but sometimes in very small qunatity. Is it anything to worry about it.
Answer: Hi dear. don't worry dear this thick white discharge during first trimester of pregnancy is totally normal it may also have some mild smell . This is called leukorrhea. Thing is mixture of cervix and vaginal discharge. don't worry about it it will not harm your baby
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Question: Bleeding with small clots and cramping In 5 week pregnant
Answer: Check with doc as soon as possible. May be it's a miscarriage
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