37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 37 week and 2Day pregnant..my scanning report says...large baby...weight of fetal is 3157gm...and cephalic presentation.....will my delivery be normal

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Answer: Hi dear you are 37 weeks 2 days pregnant and according to this time the fetal weight should have been 2.9 kgs so your baby is weighing around 617 grams more than normal I would not say that normal delivery is not possible because there are many women who give birth to large babies normally but there are other things to be checked as well that is your pregnancy a health is in your cervix length and the Placenta it cetera will be checked and then only it will be decided that if it can be delivered normally or by a C section and that call will be your doctor's but if you have any confusion you can do talk to your doctor and have a discussion on this.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am 37 week pregnant... I got fetal weight in scan report as 2.9 kg and grade 3 maturity anterior placenta. Is my baby too large. Will it be able to have normal vaginal delivery.??
Answer: hi dear usually babies can weigh btw 2.8 -3.5 kg at the time of their birth . if the placenta maturity level is 3 it means that you reached the final weeks of pregnancy . once the Placenta is in grade3 oxygen and nutrition will be circulated less which means you are getting ready for delivery . as your baby is 2.9 kg there are chances of normal delivery depending onbody conditions .
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Question: Hi...im 34 week pregnant.. yesterday done with USG and fetal weight is 2193gm..and cephalic presentation ..is this normal and can i.have normal delivery?
Answer: Hello dear, cephalic presentation means head down position is a great news and perfect for vaginal delivery, and baby weight is OK. If baby won't change position, definitely you will go for normal delivery.
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Question: Hi mam.. Am 37 weeks pregnant.. On my 34th week scan it noted as my baby in cephalic presentation.. But still my baby moving.. When it will stop moving.. I wish to have a normal delivery.. Is this possible change any other position.. Or baby will be in cephalic presentation.. Am afraid of c section.. Pls give some tips for normal delivery...
Answer: Hi dear it is not possible now as there is no way out to move ur baby in cephalic position. Now u will have c sec and there is nothing to worry dear even i also undergo the same and now I m all fine. Now these days c sec is very convenient and easy.
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