11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am unable to poop from 2 days..please suggest what to do. I even took gudlax- plus tonic at night as doc suggested even though am not getting

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Answer: Hi dear please upload water intake if you can please sip warm water it will help in Bawal movement other than that another thing is overnight soaked raisins and prune puree they work like Wonder and will be able to help you , please don't worry and keep including vegetables and more fruits in your diet it is very normal during pregnancy to have constipation because there are many prenatal medicines which can cause this problem during pregnancy but not to worry it is very temporary and slowly and steadily this problem gets fixed on its own but you need put in a lot of efforts to make it regularise .. Hope this helps!
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    Lakshmi Prasanna601 days ago


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Question: Hi, ma baby not gaining weight, i need food chat and plus nt even sleeping from morning till night am getting tired plz suggest me
Answer: Hi dear morning in breakfast you can give idly with milk ragi poridge upma and in mid morning any fresh fruit and put him to sleep make sure room will be quiet without any disturbance ...in lunch u can give khichidi in snacks we can give boiled potato with little salt and sweet potato also which helps in babies weight gain .night u can give plain moongdal khichidi or roti soaked in milk evening time give her a good massage and bath
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Question: Doctor i am not getting sleep from one week. I cant sleep at night. So in day time i am less active and cant work properly. Please suggest me what to do for getting sleep at night .
Answer: Hi dear Its not a matter to worry. One of the reasons for fatigue and sleep problems during pregnancy are changing hormone levels. Rise in progesterone levels may cause excessive daytime sleepiness. It's normal to feel tired as your body works to protect and nurture the developing baby. Have healthy balanced food and be positive and active. Do medication and keep your room calm and dim, keep your gadgets away at least 30 mins before you sleep.
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Question: Hi doctor. I am suffering from severe cold. Please suggest me what to do. And also i am not getting enough sleep at night.
Answer: Hi For cold take warm water or hot water all time whenever you feel thrist...also you can just show a piece of turmeric stick in flame and intake the smoke it produce..it ll control your cold and also if running nose is there... Also you can take rice boiled water with salt and pepper to relieve from cold
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