23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am suffering large volume of urine.. within 5 minutes break

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Answer: This is normal no need to worry. This is due to compress of uterus. Because of compression the urinary bladder cannot able to expand bigger so it causes frequent urination
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Question: She pas urine within minutes it is ok?
Answer: Hi! Its completely fine to pass urine many a time fr a 3 months old, more pee count is a sign of a healthy baby. Dont worry its all normal.. Good luck!
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Question: my baby doing too much toilet within 5 -5 minutes
Answer: May be he got infection....give bifilac, 1/2 sachets * three times a day for 5 days.....u wl definitely get result
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Question: During night within 15 minutes want to go to pass urine any pblm
Answer: Hi dear it is not a problem and it is very common at this time around 39 weeks of pregnancy because you are grown up uterus puts a lot of pressure on your urinary bladder hence you have the urge to pass urine frequently now if you do not have any associated problem like itching or a little pain while urinating there is no problem but if you have any such problem to talk to your doctor because at this time UTI is also very common.. Hope this helps!
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