9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 2months pregnant i want to knw which are all the foods are good to have at this time for babies eyes brain nd over all development

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Answer: Hiii congratulations on ur pregnancy!!! You should have red veggies and fruits also hv green leafy veggies which are rich in iron. Have fruits atleast twice a day. In fruits avoid papaya and pineapple. Drink coconut water evryday or alternate days.Drink milk in morning and before going to bed.Avoid eating junk food and bakery products go fr healthy and home made food.Eat dry fruits bt in moderation.This vl surely keep u n ur babby healthy.
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Question: What are the foods that helps for babys brain development from which month we can take this food
Answer: Hello dear, These 7 foods can help kids stay sharp and affect how their brains develop well into the future. Eggs. The protein and nutrients in eggs help kids concentrate, Greek yogurt....Greens...Fish. ...Nuts and Seeds. ...Oatmeal. ...Apples and Plums. Hope it helped Take care urself...
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Question: Which food items are good for baby eyes and brain development
Answer: For brain development eat hnadful of mixed nuts and walnut and for eyes u can have lots of veggies egg and fish.. Have everything in moderation each food serves diffrnt purpose and contains nutrients and its added values to baby
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Question: I m 7th month pregnant which foods are better to having this time...and which food are good for baby brian development and skin ....
Answer: Hi dear,Food to eat when pregnant during the first trimester are the ones that support the development of the baby. Morning sickness and nausea may not help you in eating well, but you could definitely try taking as many nutrients as possible as part of your 2nd month pregnancy food diet.folic acid which helps to fight against birth difficulties green leafy vegetable is rich in folic acid.chicken,spinach,fish as it contains iron,cabbage,leafy vegetables which is rich in calcium,but don't take raw egg,fish like crabs,prawns,processed meat.May it will help,Take care.-
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