8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 7weeks 5days pregnant... But in ultrasound it show am 6weeks 4days pregnant... Is it ok

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Answer: yes dear. it's completely okay. the gestational age determine through ultrasound is the most accurate one
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Question: i m 8week 5days pregnant but my baby growth is 7weeks 2 day...is it ok
Answer: Hi it is OK in a lot of pregnancy please don't worry and it is too early to conclude anything on the baby's growth because sometimes it can be due to delete conception or if the ovulation happens late and since we do not know the exact time of fertilization only through the USD report we can see the gestational age hence we can say that maybe it ovulated late that is why there is a difference however it is very common to have a weeks difference .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Am 6weeks 5days absolutely no symtoms is it ok
Answer: Yes, it's normal. Not necessary you should fee the symptoms which other feel. Every pregnant woman has her own experience. So... Chillllll
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Question: Am 7weeks 5days pregnant but gs is 6weeks 2days is this normal doctor says scan after 1month
Answer: Yes dear, it happens and 1-2 week difference is nothing to be concern so don't worry.
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