8 months old baby

Question: Am planning to take my baby in flight. 6 month old . What r the precautionss??

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Answer: Hi. Nothing as such precautuon will be needed. Just make sure to feed your baby at time of take off and landing. Ghis will dont leg feel your baby air pressure.
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Question: Can we take 3 month old baby in flight? What precautions needs to be taken?
Answer: Hi dear ,it is better to wit if you can till 6 months but it is ok if you want to make hi travel..you should be carrying some pain killer medicine handy with you so that if the baby gets ear pain you will be able to give that. Normally nothing happens so it is ok.take care
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Question: hello.. at what age can we fly with the baby. he is currently 1 month old and planning to take a flight when he turns 3 months
Answer: Hi.... U can travel with ur baby as soon as ur baby turns 7 days old.... Make sure u carry milk formula with u and extra blanket or shawl for ur baby....
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Question: Can we take 2 month old baby via flight? What are the risk involved and precautions?
Answer: U can take Ur baby by flight. Usually due to pressure of air sometimes baby may be having difficulty in breathing
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