8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: am now 1 month 3 weeks pregnant bt doctor said that my baby is not growing well what the problem

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Answer: Please do not stress yourself with this thought that baby's growth is poor. Be happy and think positive. Your baby will gain weight with the help of nutritious things that you eat. Add more protein to your diet. Butter and other fats will not help you in this matter, you can have cottage cheese, milk and other sources of protein like protein powders for pregnant women. Also incase your AFL level is low, baby weight tends to be on lower side. So drink a lot of liquid juices, coconut water twice a day, lot of water etc.,that will help.
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    Anusha Dabagatla782 days ago

    Thank you dear

Answer: Thank you
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Question: Im 27week pregnant and doctor says that my baby is week and not growing well ,im so worried now what should I do?
Answer: Hello Dear there is nothing to worry. You just have to have your food properly. Drink water correctly. Add lots of fruits and vegetables. Have dry nuts which is the best for your baby. These things will definitely help you! Don't be worried. Hope this helped you alot
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Question: Is almond oil safe for my 7 month baby girl.hair is not growing well..very thin hair..some mommies said that almond oil is better for hair growing
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Question: My baby is not growing well...is it problem
Answer: Hi dear, Could you please explain what exactly is the issue? Is it growth delay or heartbeat not found.you seems to be at 9 weeks and by now heart beat of baby should have been detected.if it is been detected but slow heart rate ,not to worry baby would pick up soon.but if it is not been detected then it needs to be aborted in two weeks.
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