12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am not working as if now hence, its very difficult to pass my time. Nowadays, i want my near and dear ones to be around me all the time. I dont like my mum in laws company as she is a very negative person. Always cribbing about her life. Please share few ideas what i can do in these 9 months

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Answer: Complete ur work early if u r devotional go to ur religious temple spend praceful time ther ..n read ramayan n srimathbagavatham n moral.storirs book which r in ur language...i m doing the same frequently visitinf iskon temple too wher we can get more peace in such places....All the best Note..if u r reading ramayan like books means read loudly so that ur baby will also listen n they will learn bhvr morals n etc Hope this ans helped U
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    Nids Nids974 days ago

    Thank you so much dear. Yes i do read ramayan. Would try and visit temple more often now

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    krishnan mba970 days ago

    Pleasure is mine take care

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Question: My son is 2 years 2 Month old.. I am very much worried about him as I am unable to give him maximum time as I am a working in bank...nowadays he sits very quiet n has became very arrogant...always says No for every little thing...can you help me out?
Answer: Hello! It is a crucial point for your baby. Try to talk to him. Find the reason for him to sit quiet. Talk to the caretaker. If possible put CCTV cameras at home to monitor him in your absence. If he stays in daycare, ask for the footage of the CCTV cameras. Also once you are back home stay and spend time. Do what he likes. Play with him. Take him to park, put him to sleep, eat along, go out. It will take time but slowly you will see transformation. Also very important don't hit or scold him. It will worsen the situation. Try to stay calm and work out on it. Talk to your spouse and both of you alternatively share responsibility. Also if possible go for a vacation. Hope it helps Take care
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Question: Hi I have my normal delivery on 17Sep 2018 , because of stitches it's very difficult to move. So few medicines one painkiller and cyphrofloxin tab twice a day . I wanna know if cause of these medicines can effect in production of breast milk as I have taken these meds regularly from the day of delivery.
Answer: Hi! Congratulations! Usually the medicines do not effect breastmilk supply as they are preacribed to new mums. You have to keep latching her. only latching will bring in milk. dont expect to have milk when u latch her. Whenever she is awake, first breastfeed as long as u can. in most cases u cannot see the first thick foremilk. so just keep feeding the colostrum one or two drops is fine fr the tiny stomach. more the latching/feeding- the earlier the milk will come in. Stay calm and keep trying. Good luck!
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Question: I'm 20weeks pregnant. I always wanted to eat outside foods, especially the fried ones. I don't know what to do . Am addicted to mobile. Always playing nd watching YouTube videos. I'm finding very difficult to sleep. I'm so stressful. My husband is not talking to me. I don't know what to do. Am worried these will make any complications to my baby.
Answer: Hi dear, We all know how such gadgets have harmful radiations eminating.it affects any one.once you are pregnant,the radiations could even harm your unborn baby. Well, moderation usage of mobile is fine,but do take certain precautions,such as,never sleep with your mobile phone,never talk in your mobile while charging.also when the battery is too low,donot use it then as maximum radiation emits that time.never keep your phone in your pant pockets,as that is too close to your growing baby. During lightning,do not use your phone. Yes,during pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations,sometimes one get irritated,looses temper and also get into depression.but though all are normal,but stress is not good for growing baby.indulge in hobbies that can give you happiness and relaxation.daily morning walks would keep mind relax and uplift mood.try to stay away from stress and practice br arching exercises.listwn to good music,read your favourite book to divert your mind.try to avoid junk food during pregnancy.i know one can get addicted to all such but I would advice you to control as much you can .I feel all such cravings and mobile addiction is due to stress.so start doing some pregnancy safe yoga postures or start morning walks.do activities which interests you.plan a trip with your hubby and enjoy.call your friends and have some get together.donot feel low.be happy about your pregnancy and start taking care of yourself.
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