14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am in 13th week took scan and my baby's height is 5.90 cm is it normal?? But in tis app they hav mentioned baby's height as 8cm. Is my baby normal? And from which week baby's growth will be visible i.e. when my stomach will be shown. How to know tat my baby is healthy? Too much of que pls ans for al, am worried 😔

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Answer: Your stomach will start showing from fifth month. Unless u have any symptoms, ur baby is fine. Don't worry, stay positive. If there is less growth in your baby, the doctor who did scan to u would have informed u. So there is nothing to worry at all. Be happy, tc happy pregnancy
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Question: I am 13 weeks pregnant my baby bump is not visible till when Will it be shown pls suggest
Answer: It all depends on your body type and frame but 13 weeks is way too early to show anyways. I didn't show until 23 weeks. I think around 30/32 weeks it became obvious. If my answer is satisfied then mark as helpful.
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Question: This app says that at this stage baby's height should be 67-71.3 cm, but my daughter's height is 64cm. Why the difference? How do the height increase?
Answer: Hi dear. clear app is calculating everything on average basis and on the basis of age but keep in mind that height depends upon in jeans so if you and your partner is of good height then definitely your baby will have good height and don't worry there are so many babies who are less in height at their early age and then eventually they start increasing their height rapidly so just don't worry about the same dear and this is just a minor difference should not bother about it
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Question: Hello, i am 37 week pregnant, in my scan my AFI evel ls low i.e 8cm, is it normal? Still is there any chances of normal delivery?
Answer: hi dear your Wi-Fi level is on border so don't worry you still have some time you can try to increase your AFI level . like have plenty of water to 24 litre of water will help you increase AFI level with water also have coconut water twice a day you can also have Glucose water it also helps in increasing afi level . also have food and fruits that are high in water like cucumber, oranges, watermelon etc
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