12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am hvng litle bit of bldng now.. Is t serious.. Wt shud i do

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Answer: Hi, this can be implantation bleeding which happens when fertilized egg implants itself to the lining of the uterus but to be on the safer side it is advisable to consult a doctor and till then you should take good rest
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Question: My HB is 8.9....since last 3 weeks m hvng tablets but kuch farak hi nhi...wt shud i do?
Answer: Hi dear only tablet can't provide u the proper iron required. Food also play a very important role.Have apple beet and carrot juice everyday .This is the best morning juice for improving hb. Snack on almond and pumpkin seed. This is so good for ur increasing natural iron level and bonus is it taste good.  Black resin ,black dates and dry  fig are 3 dry fruits has tons of iron content in it. You must include these dried fruits everyday to increase iron levels during pregnancy. They are so sweet, delicious and in the same way they give your body more iron content. Have pomegranate and orange in ur regular diet. Eat lost of green vegetable. 
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Question: Mam, i had a litle bit spotng bleed... wt hpnd mam?? Anything serious.. Wat shud i do??
Answer: Hello dear In early pregnancy You may experience some normal spotting within the first six to 12 days after you conceive which is known as implantation bleeding as the fertilized egg implants itself in the lining of the uterus. U may also feel little cramps, the cramps is same as u feel during ur menstrual period.
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Question: I had a litle bit of bleed like spotng. Wt shud i do.. anythng serious??
Answer: Hi..little spotting and brown discharge during pregnancy, is normal, therefore, do not worry. Keep yourself hydrated, drink lot of water and juices. Also, whenever next you will visit your gynaecologist, then inform her about it.
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