16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: am having vomiting or its tendency in 4 month which I did not had in 3 Rd month why?

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Answer: Hormonal changes dear!dont worry..if u want add lemon water or smell lemon..it should help
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Question: I m 6th week pregnent. Why i am not having any vomitting tendency?
Answer: Hi Don't worry You are among the lucky few who don't have to face morning sickness so why worry about it Symptoms are not necessary But healthy eating and staying  fit is So have a healthy meal and stay active
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Question: From evening i had 3 episode of vomitting and nause before i did not had any vomiting do its normal
Answer: Vomiting and nausea are very common during pregnancy however it depends and varies from person to person. Some may feel it throughout the pregnancy while some may not experience it throughout the 9 months. I had this feeling of nausea and vomiting during my 1st trimester and in the 4th month everything was fine. Though there is nothing to worry but if you want you may consult your doctor.
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Question: Hellooo. . . ..am now in 3 rd month. . Am having dental caries. . Its very painful. . Can i do tooth extraction
Answer: It is safe to have dental procedures done after your first trimester. So you could probably get it done after your third month, however if its too painful please consult your Doctor and he would be able to do if you can do it now.
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