25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: am getting anxious thoughts... Which keeps annoying and stressed

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Answer: Your pregnancy horm are to be blamed for this. Try to follow these Engage your self in some of your hobbies. Do meditation and deep breathing exercises. Take rest and have a good night sleep. If fatigue, this cannot make you more anxious. Spend some time watching TV,listening to music or asking your friends to visit you. Have a bal diet and drink plenty of water
Answer: Thank you so much.... So its the hormones tat keeps me stressed!!....... I wil try all these... Sure....
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Question: I m 10 week pregnant ..i m stressed and get thoughts of suicide.does it affect or harm my baby?
Answer: Please stay happy and live with the people who makes you happy..dear please think positively... Sure negative thoughts will affect our baby
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Question: I'm very anxious... I overthink n finally become stressed out... Help me
Answer: Pregnancy is a time for expectations and anticipations. Naturally anxiety also comes hand to hand. Seek comfort from your partner, talk to the elders at home and indulge in some fruitful work like reading. Also you can join the chat room in this app and chat with moms to be regarding your fears and anxieties. You ll be comfortable to talk to people with the same problems as you and you'll get many solutions too. I hope you are taking a balanced diet, and you're done with your NT scan and double marker test. Get anomaly scan done at 18 to 20 weeks. So, cheer up and try to be Happy. Talk to your partner and chat with other moms to be.
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Question: Hi mam, I am 31 week pregnant. I am always getting sucide thoughts and died thoughts.is this systoms of pregnant
Answer: Yes dear... Most of them will see weird dreams also... So don't worry... Listening music, go for a walk, talk to ur bestie.. do pranayama.. this wll helps you to calm your mind, thoughts etc...
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