11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: am feeling too much gudiness continuously am 11 weeks now how to get rid of.

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Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear Giddiness is very common in pregnancy. Lots of reasons behind it like low bp, dehydration, low hb, low blood sugar, stress, less sleep, pressure on cervical nerves, excessive vaginal bleeding. Some tips to manage giddiness---- @Avoid stress @Drink lots of water and stay hydrate. @Avoid lying down on your back for long. @Wear comfortable clothes. @Avoid standing for long time. @Drink ginger tea. @Mix lemon juice , salt and black paper powder in water. Drink this mixer thrice daily. @Mix 2 tb spoon honey and 2 tb spoon apple cider vinegar in water and drink it. Drink twice daily.
Answer: Don't worry. This is normal.. u ll be alright from next 2 weeks
Answer: Thank you so much nupur..
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Question: How to get rid from nausea....i m feeling too much nausea during 6 week of pregnancy....
Answer: Hi dear. Its quite normal during first trimester of pregnancy it is the most common symptom female feel in early pregnancy . you eat too salty biscuits even before getting out of bed and avoid oily spicy and having food . Avoid drinking too much water while eating food . Avoid strong smelling food as it xan trigger vomiting. Ask someone to prepare food for you because while cooking food, its smell will supress your hunger. I xan understand you must not be feeling eating like anything but you should not stay hungry , in this condition rely more upon fresh fruits , liquid and light food. Eat small bit frequent meals. Get plum candy for you, its taste will help you in suppressing vomiting and also help you in maintaining good hb level. Keep sipping water throughout the day. Hopefully your problem will vanish away once you will enter your second trimester. Take care.
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Answer: Hello ma'am When you are pregnant and you get gas you can do all these home remedies, drink lots of water , est carrots, apples, oatmeal, leafy vegetables, and pears. Dont est too much sugars. Take care
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Question: How to get rid of forehead extra hair of baby? it's too much
Answer: Hi. Use ubtan from oure herbal its very helpful to remove extra hair from babies body.
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