6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: am currently 5 week and suffering from fever 101 wil it affect my baby growth and development

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Answer: Hello! No it will not create any problem in the growth or development. But you need to recover fast. Try to take more rest and have proper balanced food. Also consult the doctor, for any medicine.
Answer: It is not good.. to have such problems.. take medication after consulting doctor only..
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Question: Am carrying my second baby n few months gap will it affect my baby development and growth
Answer: It will not affect the growth of your second child, but you have to be extra careful about your diet. You have to take in all kinds of vit, especially vit A.Please eat lot of fruits and have a healthy diet. As you must be feeding your first child,it is very important for you to stop feeding.
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Question: I am 101 kg and 5 week pregnant...will this affect my pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear you weight is high and by the last month of pregnancy you will gain more 20-25 kg. So to enjoy a healthy pregnancy make sure to avoid any junk food and oily food and eat only healthy and nutritious made at home food. Drink lots of fluid and eat salads and fruits . Also you have to count your calories. So its better to consult with a dietitian who can help you with proper.diet chart and ask your gynaecologist what all exercise and physical activity you can do .
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Question: I have 5 months old baby girl.. i am suffering from fever cold and cough. Will it affect my girl?
Answer: Ya it will affect your girl...because u feed your baby...and the micro organism which cause cold get transfer into your baby by your milk so please treat yourself by a good doctor as soon as possible
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