9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 9weeks pregnant and thyroid stimulating hormone is 6.2IU/ml.its just very mild 0.7 high from the actual range.is it a thing to worry about baby's health nd mine?does it go away after pregnancy? Am very worried about this.

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Answer: nothing to worry , go to your gynecologist, she ll give medicine , which will help to reduce it.
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Question: Hello mommies. I have 15 months old daughter.Initially she used to sleep on my lap after feeding for about 2 months.Then she used to cry a lot and was very fussy and not even used to sleep after hours of trying. My relative told me to put her in jhula so that she could sleep. It was like miracle when I first put her into jhula.she stopped crying and began to sleep peacefully but gradually it became her habit. Even today on afternoons she needs jhula to sleep. But yeah at nights she breastfeed to sleep. But she don't sleep without jhula on afternoons. I tried so many times to make her sleep without jhula but she don't. What should I do ?? How to wean off this jhula habit ? I can't go anywhere at the time of her day naps Please help me.
Answer: Dear while you are trying to sleep your baby so read a story . I was also doing the same . If you want to get rid of This habit you need to remove jhula from home. Some days baby will show tantrums . Gradually forget the jhula. Try to engage in story telling while sleeping .
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Question: I can't eat too much.l feel hungry but when it comes to eating I am unable to eat. I am eating very less that's why I am worried about my baby's growth. Plzz tell me what to do in this condition.
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy due to harmonal changes u r nit feeling to take food so dont worry take plenty of liquids nd water too ,take food on time if u r not like to take food in 1 time take it intervals try it ..
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