38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: am 38wk pregnant... stil my baby belly not going down.. am. wish to hav nrml delivery oly... i dnt knw my baby head going down or not.. wat i do fr tat

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Answer: Do walk daily. Try some exercise like butterfly, squatting. Do daily works like pucha lagana, jaddo lagana. If u like my answer plzz helpful pe click karna
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Question: Hello...if my baby head does not put down till the delivery dn what should do 😥I wnt normal delivery dnt wnt csearian...suggest me wat should I do for baby head put down n to get normal delivery?
Answer: Hi dear. Don't worry there is still 6 weeks to your delivery so baby can change position anytime , some babies take cephalic position just few days before delivery so don't worry. You lay down on mat and keep your hips in elevated position suspended in air , your feet touching ground, stay in this position for few seconds, then relax , repeat again several times. but keep in mind do this only if there is not any kind of complication in your pregnancy , and if you will feel uneasy doing that then stop doing it . keep your body active and go for walk daily at least for 1 hour
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Question: hi.. am 38 weeks pregnant... stil my baby belly not going down.. wat i do fr tat... am wish to get normal delivery oly.. pls help me.. i dnt knw my baby head is going down. or not.
Answer: Baby head fixes only 2-3 days before delivery. And belly will come down 1 week before delivery. Don't worry sometimes due date changes
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Question: My baby head s hot...y tat so ? Yesterday oly i hav injected vaccine..
Answer: if you have injected vaccine yesterday then your baby must have a fever its normal
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