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Question: am 20th week pregnancy and in scaning plasanta as positive wt to do and they said scan again after 4 to 6 week lets see the growth of baby and they said it may be or may not be problem for baby growth

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Question: Im 12 week pregnant went 2nd ultrasound scan they said baby growth is normal but nasal bone is not visible, at 16th again repeat the scan nu said. Is it any big problem, i m very scared.
Answer: hi dear! so generally if the nasal bone is not present its considered abnormal dear. but we should wait and see still the nasal bone does not develop in your next scan then you will have to do amniocentesis(a procedure where a small amount of fluid is taken from your amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby and it is seen for any abnormality as it contains the fetal cells ) which will confirm if there is any problem with the baby. so dont stress right now it will show by the next scan dont worry . take care dear.
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Question: I am in 45 day of pregnancy, i went for scan in 43rd day. Doctor said there is no heartbeat detected and growth is like as 4th week. Again they said to come next week. I am worried of it.
Answer: Dear if the growth was of 4 weeks then it could be due to late conception and I would suggest you to go for a scan after 2 weeks. The heartbeat arrives at 6 weeks of pregnancy so hopefully everything will be fine in the next scan. Hope it helps.
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Question: Good evng mam....actually when i went for scan its 5th week of pregnancy nd they said that youth sac is not able to see in the scan which should be right now..any problem i am tensed
Answer: Hello dear If a gestational sac is not seen on an early pregnancy transvaginal ultrasound by around 5 weeks gestational age, there are several things that could be occurring. These include: 1. It is too early for the gestational sac to be visible (wrong dates). 2. The pregnancy is ectopic. 3. The pregnancy is a miscarriage. Please consult ur doctor as soon as possible
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