11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii am 2 months pregnant.. and am experiencing slight abdomen pain while bending. Is it safe to bend during pregnancy? Please reply

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Answer: Dont do such things. Jab tk 3 mahina na ho..... Aap rest karo atlst 3 mnth..
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Question: Is it safe to bend during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi ma'am I would not suggest you to bend during pregnancy... However if at some point you have to then bend your knees first let knees touch the floor first then you can do whatever you want to.. But it would be better not to bend..to avoid risk....take care
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Question: I'm having lower abdomen pain while bending and sleeping , please advice is it common during this time. not able to sleep and move around in bed
Answer: Yes dear it's normal cuz now your near to the delivery and you will feel back pain as well so be claim and always be ready for the hospital... When you have more pain or water break you have to go hospital.
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Question: Is it safe to bend during pregnancy .?I am 17 weeks pregnant
Answer: No worries for babies as they are safe in noitic fuild....but ur balance is not gud these days so u might fall and get hurt
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