12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Am 12 weeks pregnant as per my Lmp but today i went on ultrasound scan and tvs scan they said bilighted ovum and they told me to clean the utres what can i do pls give suggesn

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Answer: Hello dear , blighted ovum is a type of misscarriage in which only sac grows but not the baby .. To avoid furthur complications u should Follow your docs advice .. Cleaning uterus with the help of medicines or DnC , your doc will suggest u acc to your situation..
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    Sachinaavinash Gowda579 days ago

    Why does it happen i have maintained verry well and i was satrted medicine from 6 weeks only

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    Shiksha Dhar578 days ago

    This is a very common problem.. Remember u have done nothing wrong ..this can happen to anyone, May be because of poor quality egg or sperm or because of any chromosomal defect in the child.. Only healthy pregnancy go on but this might not b a good pregnancy , so nature stopped it from growing.. I myself had this problem two times before.. But with the god's grace I am pregnant third time with a healthy baby.. Don't lose hope.. Better luck for next time.

Answer: I have same prblm earlier ... I got miscarried its better to abort...then u after 3 month u easliy concvd
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Question: Hi...today I went for scan( ultrasound NT scan) they said me no movement on baby but development is gud...is there any problem
Answer: hi dear!so normally the fetal movements can be generally seen at 18-20 weeks incase if you are pregnant for the first time but in 2nd time pregnancy or more than that the fetal movements starts early by 16 weeks. so there is nothing to worry. take care dear!
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Question: Am 12 weeks pregnant as per my last Periods today i went for ultrasound scan and tvs scan after the scan they said u can clean ur ultres and they have mentiond in the report bilighted ovum like that can any one answer me pls what shell i do next
Answer: HI, blighted ovum means there is a gestational sac growing in the uterus but without an embryo in it. this is abnormal and is a miscarriage.your doctor will suggest to do an D and C procedure to remove it from uterus.kindly follow your doctors advice.
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Question: In scan they saw yolk say and fetal pole.... But they didn't see heart beat.... And as per the lmp I am 8 weeks.... As per the scan 6 weeks... And I have 40 days period.... Is it any pblm....
Answer: Hi dear, Wait for another week and get a scan again.by 9 the week you should be getting baby heart beat.now that your gestational age is 8 weeks.so wait till 9 th week.
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