35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Always cranky and facing lot of mood swings these days. Also,as I've moved into my in-laws just now, facing lots of problems in adjustment. Plus feeling left out in my own family as they don't seem to do any preparations/excitement about my baby,but at the same time,they are doing every preparation for my sister in law's baby (we both are due in same week of December). Suggest me some tips to ignore/overcome these moments

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Answer: Ho,I can understand .but this is common dear because in laws don't understand the feelings.but for your baby and yourself ignore it or don't expect them ,you do it yourself and show that your happiness and excitement is not dependent in anyone else You keep yourself happy by doing everything that makes you happy
Answer: Listen to music,read good books,watch movies,walk regularly morning and evening
Answer: Try reading books of babies
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Question: Hello....plz suggest any lotion or home remedies for mosquito bites.... my baby is 3 and half months old...last niy I visited my sister in law's place....in morning I noticed swollen red marks of mosquito bites on his body even on head or face ...marks are looking terrible or horrified me .....plz suggest remedy or lotion to get rid from these marks
Answer: Apply coconut oil. Almost all over body. Its also a natural lotion for mosquito bit.
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Question: My mood swings daily. I feel so lazy lazy. As am at my mom's place it is ok what if my mood remains same at my in laws place.
Answer: Every one should understand this is common in preganancy.First make ur Best half understand about it.if he understands it he will explain to all his parents and brothers and sister.there is no replacement to HUSBAND in this difficult but happy time. Love each other and explain ur situation to him
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Question: Hello. I am feeling nausea, fatigue, cramps in abdomen sometimes, pain in vagina, headache, fatigue, mood swings. There is more urination, more food I am taking as I feel I am starving lol. So are these signs of pregnancy? Please guide. My marriage has done 3 months ago, and I want to concieve now.
Answer: Please do a pregnancy test.... you will get the testing kit in any pharmacy .... also have you missed your periods?
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