Few weeks old baby

Question: Already mergige ana ponnu avnugluku 2babis and family palanig paniyachu marupadium oru baby ku try pannitu eruko avniglaku re operation pannlama

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Answer: Hi sis.. Family planning panna hospital la poi consult pannunga kandipa ungaluku correct ah guide pannunga pa
Answer: Pannalam sis onnum problem illa bayappada vendam doctor solradhu follow pannunga
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Question: Hlo mam my period on April 5/4/2821 and on May 6/5/202/ and this month is on 7/6/2021 when is best time to intercourse for baby mam plz tel me my marriage was already 2year my age 32 and my husband age 35...I try many times for baby but till today no results....
Answer: The best time will be starts from the 9th day of your periods first date
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Question: Hi i am 14weeks pregnant i did NT scan also. In scan doctor told me baby head is left side and leg is right side and that placenta is posterior wall like that. Please help me who had like this feeling and which baby got please help me in this because already i have girl baby bit my mother in law family want boy and their forming me to give birth in boy.
Answer: There is no way to identify baby's gender before birth. Please ask your family member to educate themselves so that they can understand it's not in your hand to give birth a baby boy. In fact tell them its their son's sperm which will decide baby's gender. Only the healthy sperm can fertilize ovum. If your husband's sperm contain Y chromosome is healthy chances of baby boy will be there but if your husbands X chromosome containing sperms are healthier again it will be a baby girl and here you have no role to play except carrying the baby. If your family members are unable to understand you let them read my answer this will help them.
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Question: I'm mom of 4months baby it's my second baby through c sec and I had family planning operation also Wen we start our intercourse
Answer: Dear, if you are comfortable you can have sex. Rough sex can cause bleeding and pain. Do, take care .Hope it helps.
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