26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: aj muje pet mei darde Ho raha hai or poty vi ho rahi hai koi medicine kha sakti hou

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Answer: Bina doctor K consult se Koi bhi medicine lena Sahi ni hoga, as your body is very sensitive you talk to your doctor then only take medicine.
Answer: Just wait n see fr another day avoid medications wen preg ! For potty banana khaou n pet dard ke liye rest le lou
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Question: loose motion jisa ho raha hai or ajib awaj ho rahi hai or dard vi hai pet me main kya raru jaldi bataiye mujhe bohut prblem ho rahi hai or dar vi lag rahi hai
Answer: Firstly drink ors solution thn go for doctors advice before taking any medicine.
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Question: Yar koi batao kya mei choclate kha sakti hon mera 21 week hai chll raha
Answer: Choclates are very much part of pregnancy cravings so if you feel like eating choclates just go and eat it..It is very ok much and safe to eat choclates during pregnancy. Choclates does contain antioxidants, magnesium and other elements which makes it a healthy option to eat. It also triggers the release of endorphins which makes you feel happy however we need to make sure that there is no overdose of chocolates. Choclates contains caffeine and sugar which is not good if taken in large quantity. also eating more choclates will make you less hungry for other healthy foods that is must for balanced diet. So make sure you take a very healthy diet...lots of fruits..take lot of liquid. It will help in ensuring a healthy pregnancy...
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Question: Mere vagina mei buhat khujli ho rahi hai pls koi lagane Wali medicine batao mam pls
Answer: Hi dear. Aap vagina me coconut oil lga skte hai, iska cooling effect apko itching se relief dega. Bar bar washroom jane se vagina me all time gilapan rehta hai to is vajah se itching hoti hai , aap jab b washroom use kre to vagina ko dry cotton cloth se aagey se pishe ki tafr saaf krna na bhule. Itching dryness ki vajah se b ho skti hai, jab vaginal ph balance disturb hota hai to b aisa hota hai, iske liye jyada se jyada pani piye, daily Coconut water pio. Thanda doodh and Pani mix kar k us se private part ko wash kre
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Question: hlo mera 3rd mnth chl raha hai muje aj lowercabdomen mei pain ho raha hai mgr regular pain nhi beech beech mei pinch sa ho raha haiaur mere back mei bhut dard hai
Answer: Pregnancy back pain is fairly normal. Many reasons that why it happens. Just a few days after the baby is conceived, it implants in the uterus and it is first sign of pregnancy. Weight gain is 2nd reason. Generally in healthy pregnancy woman gains 10 to 12 kg weight. High weight puts pressure on the back. During pregnancy, due to big belly we feel uncomfortable to sitting, standing it a main reason. Treatments for Back Pain in Pregnancy. @Regular exercise can reduce back pain. Walking is a safe exercise. @Apply hot water bottle on the back pain but before applying it consult with your doctor. @ Use proper posture when working, sitting, or sleeping is a good move. @ Take hot water bath 2 or 3 times in a week. @ Dip towel in hot water and apply on the back.
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